Your concern as spoken over the phone as follows:
ServerProtect 5.58 installed on Windows 2003 server has problem to update with the latest component (scan engine and pattern file). It’s a fresh installation and you faced this problem since last week.

Information required:

Please forward to me tmudump.txt file (you can perform a search in C:\Program Files\Trend\Sprotect folder)
Screen shot of the error message (I’ve record down in text, however if I need to escalate this to Trend Support a screen shot will help)
Have you installed the latest patch for your ServerProtect 5.58?
Screen shot of the update page screen. ( I want to see the current component version)
Please forward to me server.ini file from spntshare directory.

Feedback from customer:
She actually installed SPNT 5.7 on Windows 2003 32 bit. I asked her to remove SPNT 5.7 and install SPNT 5.58 instead. That solved the problem not able to update the scan engine and pattern file.

Another case is solved.