Make sure you read the Getting Started Guide and the ReadMe file.

Points worth highlighting here will be the preinstallation tasks. Make sure it's ready before you plan for your visit to do the installation.

1. Make sure the EMC Celerra of supported version
2. AV user Account and Antivirus Group configured
3. CAVA already installed
4. Servers met the specified requirement

The installation is just the same like the Server Protect for NT. However, make sure the target server is not installed with OfficeScan nor other antivirus software that's doing protection for the server. This is because, it will conflict with Server Protect Normal. Refer to this knowledge base.
If both running, the worst case is neither OSCE nor Server Protect will detect the infection.

Once installed, you need to test the scanning with the Eicar test file. Try to download the file from the Internet will prompt you that 'access is denied'. That's just the simple notification you will receive. You will need to test the CAVA working or not by copying the test file into the mapped drive at the EMC box. The same error message should appear.

Verify the infection from the management console at the scan result menu.