My customer installed TMCM 3.5 and OSCE 8.0 where OSCE 8.0 is currently registered to TMCM 3.5 as one of the agents.

OSCE web console url is non-ssl based. When try to access OSCE console from TMCM, TMCM will actually refer to ssl based of the OSCE url and result in broken link since OSCE is actually published at http:// instead of https://

How can this be fixed? User wants to SSO to OSCE console from TMCM 3.5. But her OSCE is http based where as TMCM trying to reach to https based of the URL.

Regarding this, kindly perform the following to have the Officescan run on HTTPS:

1. Unregister Officescan from TMCM adn delete teh entuty as well on the TMCM directory tree 2. On the Officescan server open a command prompt and go to the following folder

C:\Program Files\Trend Micro\Officescan\PCCSRV\

3. Run the following command

svrsvcsetup -enablessl

4. Kindly check if you can now access the Officescan console using HTTPS 5. Register it now to TMCM